No Name #1

by Laszlo

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'no name #1' is my favorite laszlo song! this band existed from about 2003 - 2007. i could have the dates wrong. who cares!? we had many members. well it was always don, bryan and joe. but it was those gaddam guitarists that would come and go. first it was michael lee, then cory gettman and finally ed otto. we actually had a 12-song album recorded, mixed and mastered. then the band fell apart. classic. i don't even remember how it all happened.

i'm releasing this song as a single. i exhumed the corpse of our record and listened to it again after many years. some of it sucks. and i didn't like the mixes. so i'm picking my favorites and remixing them. the resurgence of vinyl seems well timed with my mid-life-crisis attempt to breathe life into this dead thing. who knows, maybe i'll finish 6 songs and release it as a 12-inch ep, cut at 45 rpm. yeah, that sounds like a sweet idea!


why do you sell the truth? you could deny, i could pretend. tell me what do you think it proves? everything moves, just like the truth. now that i'm back in school, i can't find a way out. all the answers and i can't find a way...all the answers, i don't know a thing. everything is still just the same. if i could know myself, would i deny or would i pretend all the things that just will not grow, came from some misguided thought that folds inside itself? it keeps repeating. all the rusted fear is proof it's nothing new. all the answers, i don't know a thing. everything is still just the same. teach me something cuz i don't know a thing. everything is clear. i can see i'm not changing it. they know something, i can see the grins! some delusion. i can feel the grins...all the answers, i don't know a thing. everything is still just the same. everything is still just a change. everything is still just a change away.


released October 8, 2015
don farwell - guitar n vocals
bryan witherwax - bass n vocals
cory gettman - guitar
joe patterson - drums

recorded and mixed by don
mastered by levi seitz at black belt mastering



all rights reserved


Don Farwell Seattle, Washington

Hi. My name is Don Farwell. I'm a producer/ recording engineer in Seattle. I co-own and run Earwig Studio. You can find some swanky studio swag here!

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